Many of the links on this page are now dead, or link to really old websites so some renovation is going on here...

Some Friends and Colleagues.

Stuart Jennett

Stu's a great illustrator, comic artist and concept designer. Recently updated with loads of new stuff - all coloured-in too!

Arild Wiro

I actually missed working with Wiro at Warthog by just a few weeks. He's got some fine work on his website and sends me lots of visitors via his links page.

Julian Holtom

Former colleague on the HMS Carnage team and renderer of many fine things. Check Jolly's huge piles of images. Hasn't been updated for a while.

Simon Blackledge

3sixtymedia's resident Flame Artist. That means he's the guy who fixes all the 3D from my department. The site's getting a bit old now Simon...

Some other artists

Craig Mullins
Concepts and matte paitings.

Dylan Cole
Not bad at all.



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